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Wedding tips when choosing Curašao as destination

  • Paperwork: Start in time with acquiring the necessary paperwork in your home country; you may
    start with this process as of six months prior to your planned wedding date. An aspostille or
    legalization on the original documents is essential.
  • All about timing: When deciding on the time for your ceremony, take into consideration that our climate is quite warm year round and that early morning or later in the afternoon is most comfortable for both you and your guests at outside weddings. For times on sunrise and sunset, you can visit this web site.
    Please note Curašao’s coordinates: 12░ 10' North and 069░ 00' West.
  • Picture perfect: Timing is also an important factor for the nicest natural light when making photos. Early morning and late afternoon the natural light is softer and more romantic for photos.
  • Locations: Although it is nice to use different locations for ceremony, reception and/or party, when on a budget is it more economical to have the ceremony & reception/party at one location. Saving you on flowers, decorations, site fees, transportation & more.
  • Let the sun shine: A nice tan just before the wedding seems like a good idea, but forms a risk for clown-like (red nose) photos in the end. Please beware of the sun and use minimum of 30 SPF at all times. We guarantee you will tan anyway!
  • Dinner emergencies: When planning a dinner for your family and friends, check beforehand if any guests have food allergies. If so communicate this to the wedding planner and she can make sure the caterer is well informed.
  • Honeymoon: When coming to Curašao for your Destination wedding be sure to rent a car and go sight seeing or book a nice island tour. There is so much to explore in Curašao! Be sure to get a hold of a flyer called ‘K-pasa’, meaning ‘what’s happening’ in our native language ‘Papiamento’, where you will find all the information you need on what to do on the island.
  • Wedding cake melt down: Due to the humidity the wedding cakes on the island always include a little alcohol to keep them from melting down at an outside location.
  • Forbidden fruits: Although Curašao does not have many poisonous plants and/or animals, there are always some things that are ‘forbidden’. Most important is a tree called ‘Manzali˝a’ which has nice green mini apples. They grow a lot on our beaches and on sites at the West coast of the island. These mini fruits will give a tremendous burning sensation as well as painful blisters.
  • Brides must eat!: Take it easy on the day of your wedding, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat regular small portions. The combination of emotions, the Curašao sun and an empty stomach can make you feel weak and giddy.
    So do not forget to take care of your inner self!